Saturday, July 27, 2013


So, the bleeding did pick up a little. It's light right now. Not an actual flow, just... light.
Doesn't seem like it's going to get any heavier, but who knows. I'm feeling more tired than usual which is a AF sign, BUT.... if the bleeding doesn't pick up, then I'm gonna guess this is an anov AF.

Convinced DH to take us to the Once Upon a Child across town. It's been there longer and it's right next to Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and a richer older part of town so I figured if I ever wanted that kitchen thing for Zoe, then that was where to look.
And yep, they had it!! AND it was only $12!!!! BUT we didn't get it. I did still kind of want it b/c it was cute, but it had almost the same activities on it as the door we got her, so other than just wanting it... it wouldn't have brought anything new to the table so to speak so we didn't get it for her. Kinda bummed that DH talked me out of it, but meh. Not a big loss.

Still wondering why it's $300 on amazon. Maybe it's discontinued and people think that's a reason to jack up the price?? It's cute, but not 300 dollars cute.

We ended up buying her some more clothes and a little vacuum toy she can push around whenever she starts walking.

We also went to babies R us. Bought a new stroller. We took out her infant carrier and put in a new carseat, so since no carrier, we couldn't use that universal carrier/stroller thing anymore (frickin love that thing... best purchase!)... so we were going to use one of those uber cheap umbrella strollers... that is until we actually used it some and one of the wheel things didn't work right on it. Piece of crap, but you get what you pay for I guess.
So we bought a new stroller. It's a little bigger, has a storage thing on the bottom, better wheels etc. So far it's been a good buy. Hopefully it holds up better than the $10 thing....

We also went to Kohls to look for a first birthday outfit. They didn't really have anything. All of their stuff is online for that... boo. When we got home I did buy her a shirt that says "Bring on the cake!" or something like that online. I thought that was cute :)
Did buy SiL some cute outfits for her boy though. Super awesome sale on them and they were adorable so couldn't resist :D Funny how I LOOOOOOOOOVE shopping for baby clothes, but I hate it for myself. Probably b/c babies look cute in everything so it's easy. While me?? Yeah not so much lol.
Oh well......

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