Monday, July 29, 2013

Few photos

Wha??? Yeah I know... lol...
Zoe is on the verge of waking so gotta be quick...

My mom went and bought Zoe her little Korean 1yo fancy dress thing. Really should have asked her what it's called lol.
I wanted this so bad for Zoe b/c I remember growing up and LOVING looking at photos of myself in the outfit. Just thought it was cool and wanted that for Zoe.
She had to go to Atlanta to get he dress... and yeah, don't even ask how much it was. Surprised my mom even bought it considering the fabric of the outfit feels REALLY cheap boo.
But it's super cute anyway.

Here are a couple of photos from yesterday when we tried it on her. Photos suck ass b/c of the glare from the window messing with the camera.
So here's more of a sneak peak heh.... better photos of her will of course be posted when she's wearing it for her birthday :)

And some bonus photos! heh

We keep her trapped in the living room :P It's just easier that way b/c girl gets in to EVERYTHING when she's roaming around.
So out ghetto solution is to block her ways out with things. One of those ways is blocked by a laundry basket with a storage bin and weights in it. It's to keep her from pushing it out of her way and from climbing out. Welp, she tried to one day and got stuck....... my phone was right there so I had to take a photo before coming to the rescue :P lol She only just started to fuss b/c I was laughing at her hehe

And here are a few photos from SiL a few weeks ago. We took her girl and Zoe to this kiddie garden. Her toddler of course was ALL over the place and Zoe refused to smile lol
This one is my fav. Niece looks adorable and I LOVE how serious Zoe looks in contrast hehehe

Zoe put everything in to her mouth when on the ground...

And everyone else's fav. They all say that Zoe looks like a babydoll in this one.

I'll try to get some videos uploaded later.

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