Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I feel like Zoe is a little behind with some of her development. Now she does babble, A LOT, but she really doesn't say any words.
She has def said dada, kitty, doggy, good doggy, and probably a few more that I've forgotten atm (in context, she's said other things but I think it's just babbling), but I just watched a vid of one of my DD group baby's saying hat, clear as day.
I know every child will develop at their own rate, but once again, even though you try your hardest, you can't help but compare. It's the absolute worst thing you can do but I'm sure every parent out there ends up doing it. GAH, parenting makes you feel so inadequate sometimes and it really sucks (that feeling, not parenting).

On a lighter note.... so I was thinking about True Blood and all of those shows and movies that put in gratuitous sex.
Whenever one of those come on, my husband and I just can't help but laugh b/c it's just SO unrealistic.
Come on now, when's the last time, if ever your husband was able to just start pumping, no adjusting/guiding the missile required. Yeah, NEVER.
DH and I always joke that he's going to 'Dexter' me when we're getting frisky.
It was that season with the British woman in it. The psycho slug lipped annoying woman that he ends up having sex with. There is one part where she is laying there, he comes up and from like 10 miles away thrusts in to her. HAHAHAHAHAHA

And then there was a part in this season of True Blood. Where that vampire Lillith meets Warlow for the first time in the flashback. She's sniffing him, and then the next second, she has a leg up and all of a sudden they're screwing. WTF??

Penises... Peni?..... *shrugs* aren't frickin heat seeking missiles. They def don't hit their intended target like... almost ever... as I said, at least not without some guidance.
But yeah.... just one of those random weirdness. I get why they don't do it a bit more realistic. But some of it is just SO comically ridiculous.

Oh and just got a text from DH that he still hasn't heard back from HOA so we're most likely NOT going to have Zoe's party at the neighborhood pool.
He's been trying to get in touch with this bitch for over a month now. If you don't want to do a position that you fucking volunteered for, how about NOT volunteering for it!!
UGH just pisses me off so much.

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