Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Just waiting

Woke up feeling really off today. My neck is stiff and aching and just overall I feel really off. Just lack of energy and weak.

IF I did ovulate.. I could be anywhere from 5-7dpo today. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little convinced that I was pregnant. lol
But that CM I saw could've just been weird PP random cm too. Who knows. I'll definitely be grabbing some pregnancy tests on Friday unless I start spotting before then. Pfft, who am I kidding... I'll buy some anyway. Even if nada this time, I'm sure there will be another time when I'll need them.

Trying to get the house a little more organized before Saturday. It's not that the house is super messy.. just really disorganized right now. Need to just straighten up, put things away.. things like that. Like Zoe's bookcase out in the living room. Books ALL over the place and on the floor around it. Or her room... toys she doesn't play with need to be put up.
Etc etc.
Did I ever post photos of the thing DH built for Zoe? Good lord.. I don't think I have posted photos yet have I. It actually still isn't done though LOL. It just needs something. It's a play kitchen... and i dunno.. just lacking details. Something needs to be added to finish it and I can't figure out what.
I promise.. soon soon I'll post photos.

Speaking of photos... here are some finally :D

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Lee Pinwill said...

Oh that Batman photo is ridiculously adorable! You're little girl is getting even prettier too!