Sunday, August 30, 2015

It's about that time again

.... for me to wonder if I'm pregnant or not lol.
Did buy a pack of FRER. Just a 2 pack... stupid me. I know me... I know I'll need more! lol
Anyway... they were burning a hole in my pocket so to speak so I took one today. It's still SUPER early.
I could be anywhere from 5-8dpo. I had A LOT of EWCM when we had sex... and I mean just.... a gross amount lol. Had it for 2 days, then it seemed to stop the day after, and then the day after that I saw what I thought was a teeny bit more when I used the bathroom once during that day. I think it was just a fluke or maybe leftover or something but ya never know so yeah... that's why I'm not totally sure.

Anywho.... I tested this morning b/c well... I'm me and get obsessed with this mess lol.
And.... there is a super duper light 2nd line. It showed up about 5min after taking the test. Before that it looked totally negative.
It's extremely faint though so there's no telling if there is color to it or if it's just a visible antibody strip/indent.
Oh.... and apparently FRER changed the shape of their tests. Looks like a shoehorn. Guess it's easier to pee on now. Just use a cup people.. so much easier ;) lol

Other than resizing, the photos are not tweaked. It's extremely difficult to see any 2nd line but I tried lol. Photos were taken at about the 10min mark.
I only have 1 test left. Going to try my best to wait a couple of days before using it :)

And bonus b/c I had the camera and was thinking about it...

 My little munchkins :D
Oren is trying his best to crawl... UGH.....and Zoe... yeah... totally a threenager. That term is NO JOKE. She's my sweet little girl one minute, and a total drama queen the next.

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