Thursday, August 13, 2015

I am slacking

I really meant to post sooner than this but I just completely forgot and kept getting distracted.

Zoe's birthday went well. She had her cousins here and good googly moogly... you would've thought we had a house full of them with how loud they got. 4 toddlers make A LOT of mess and even more noise!
Zoe loved it though.
She really didn't get many presents which is totally fine... but it annoys me that no one other than MiL even bothered to wrap or put the presents they gave in to a bag for her. AND they didn't even bother asking us (other than MiL) what to get her.
DH and I always ask people what they want us to buy their kids and we always wrap or put the present in to a gift bag. I mean damn... they sell $1 gift bags... it doesn't have to be anything expensive.
Damn, is that too much to ask nowadays?
Zoe didn't have a problem with it... it just really irked the crap out of DH and I.

Anyway here are a few photos....

Here she is FINALLY arriving almost 40minutes late....

Bought her an Elsa and Anna dress she could wear to her Princess party... she picked Elsa :)

And she was SO excited for her gifts lol. As you can see... DH and I wrapped up her stuff... everyone else figured Walmart bags were good enough :\

There are a lot more photos, but don't want to post any b/c they have other people in them and don't want to post without permission.
Anyway, even though DH and I had some issues... Zoe still had a blast and that's what matters in the end :)

On Monday she had her 3y wellness checkup and she's doing well. She had 1 shot which she hated obviously and we asked her doctor why she was grabbing herself a lot. Whether if it was normal or something was wrong. Apparently Zoe has some kind of labia ablasion(sp?) or something going on down there. It's where the skin somewhere down there tries to heal together so it catches urine and irritates the skin. So yeah... she was prescribed some $70 estrogen cream that we have to use on her for at least 8 weeks... or long enough for the skin to thin out and come apart on it's own... Fun :\

But yeah... other than that.. she's doing great :)

Her potty training is going really well. She hasn't had a pee accident for a while and had a poop one on the day of her appointment lol.
We have her in panties at night now and haven't had any accidents yet. *knock on wood*
She's just been doing really well with it. I have to remind her to go pee, but that's fine lol.

Oren is doing well, but still waking up a couple times at night. Just wish he would sleep through already! He is definitely a lot needier than Zoe was.
He's growing well though and as cute as can be lol. I'll have to post some updated photos of him soon :)

And finally... I'm getting DH to bleach my hair on Saturday! MUAHAHAHA
Yeah... hopefully it doesn't come out a splotchy mess. It's probably going to need to be bleached twice before it's as light as I want it, then.. it's time for the FUN colors! WOO! Will take and post photos :D

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