Monday, August 31, 2015

Lol, oops

So, I dunno what my brain did, but I'm pretty darn sure I tested WAY too early. I couldn't resist and tested this morning.
It was BFN... although there was a shadow line, I'm positive it was just a very very faintly visible antibody strip.
After the BFN, I checked my chart again and... even if I ovulated after those 2 days of copious amounts of EWCM, I'd still only be 7dpo today.
I swear I thought I was 8 yesterday. My brain added on a couple of days there b/c it wanted to test so bad I guess rofl.
So yeah... I wasted those 2 tests by testing too early. SIGH lol

Exercise was going well, but I think I may take this week off. P90 is a good workout, but we haven't been enjoying the B circuit at all for some reason and I think I've burned out on it. Just the thought of doing it again is making me dread it. SO think I'm going to just take this week off, then finish the B circuit next week. Only have one more week of B to go before C starts.
Will still continue eating right of course...although the thought of stuffing my face full of oreos and milk sounds good ;) lol

We're finally putting Oren in cloth again. Not at night though. The boy pees like crazy and leaks all over the place so I have to keep reminding myself to change him more often in the cloth diapers lol.

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