Monday, August 24, 2015

This and that

Did I mention before that I bleached and dyed my hair? I can't remember when I posted last.
But yeah... I bleached and dyed my hair.
I think I did mention it, but was waiting for the purple color to come in?
Anywho... I dyed it purple using Special Effects Deep Purple.
Diluted it with some conditioner and it still came out pretty dark. It's really pretty though.
Here are some photos the day after I did it.

It's actually not supposed to have that pinkish sheen to it. That's what it looks like when it is faded some. Don't think I saturated the area enough, but oh well. I think it looked pretty :)
It has faded a little more, but it's still pretty dark. I've been using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner but other than that haven't been trying to keep the color for as long as possible since I'll be bleaching again.
That dye though... MAN. I read reviews on it about it staining everything and that is NO JOKE. It stains flippin everything!!! As soon as it touches any surface, it stains it. Luckily with some bleach or alcohol it comes up... mostly.
I have to sleep with a towel on my pillow right now since a lot of dye keeps rubbing off in the middle of the night lol. Oh well.

I already know what colors I want to do next. Just hope my hair lightens enough to do it. We'll see what happens.

Zoe and Oren are doing well. Zoe's potty training has gone great. She rarely has an accident now. We have her in just panties.. even at night. She's had maybe a handful of accidents and that's been it. SO proud of my munchkin. Now to find her a martial arts class to sign her up for :D

Oren is getting his first tooth. It's one of the bottom front ones and is already cut through the gums. Noticed it last week. He seems to be pretty good with it so far. He may have cried b/c of it but hard to tell when he's crying about other things too lol.
He's good though.... he's going to be crawling soon. He almost has it figured out. He can push himself backwards :P
He's figured out he has to get his legs under him but hasn't figured out he needs to do the same for his arms too. I'm fine with that. While I'm proud of him... I can also wait for him to be mobile lol.

I should just say we're officially NTNP b/c that sure feels like what we're doing b/c we are definitely NOT being safe. I'm pretty positive that I ovulated last night (earlier than last month, woo!) based on the CM I had the 2 days before it and the slight O pain I had. I had A LOT of EWCM most of the time after using the bathroom those 2 days. Neither of us cared though and both days had sex. We didn't do anything special to try to conceive or anything but we also took no precautions.
Now that we've gotten more in to a routine with Oren, it doesn't freak me out AS much to possibly have another so soon after lol.
But yeah, we'll see what happens :)
If it happens, it happens and we'll be very happy if somewhat freaked out about it lol.

UGH family drama.
So DH and I forgot to invite his uncle and his wife to Zoe's birthday. Honestly, we put it all together last minute and we're not used to throwing get togethers so didn't think about it.
We had discussed them coming before weeks before her birthday when we were still deciding what to do, but it was mostly us just kind of dreading them coming. Ever since they got in to it with DH's mom and aunt... it always feels like you have to walk on eggshells around them b/c they take EVERYTHING to heart. They're the real life version of internet commenters that get offended by every little thing and thrive off of drama.
Anyway... we did just end up forgetting to invite them, and now they're being all passive aggressive on FB about it.
Yes, it was our fault and I do feel guilty about it, but damn... they've thrown PLENTY of shit and not invited us or anyone else on DH's side. But all of a sudden when one of us doesn't invite them, then we're just all a bunch of backstabbers with karma beating down our doors and we don't love them and blahblah poor them.
Still though.... I'm about to text DH to see if he wants me to message them and apologize. I know they're going to hold a grudge b/c that's just who they are, but at least I can try to extend that olive branch their way.

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