Thursday, August 6, 2015

Yep it's AF

I thought I'd be spotting for a few days but NOPE... it's AF. WOO! No prolonged spotting before is great! Hopefully it won't be some long spotting after.
You know what makes this even more awesome?? I just had a 29 day cycle!!!
Looks like if I do still have a 10 day luteal phase, then I did in fact ovulate the day after I first saw that CM that I had warned DH about the very first time.
But still.. 29 day cycle! YAY!

But, this period is weird like that first one was. No actual flow, most of it seems to come out when I use the bathroom. I'm not complaining though. I would much rather that than feel gross gushes all the time and wondering if I'm leaking or not.

Only bad thing about this... I am super MEGA bitch sometimes. Holy crap. Before I started spotting, I was snapping at the drop of a hat and didn't know why. Well.. now I do apparently. I never had this type of mood swings before. Really hoping this part at least isn't going to be a common occurrence.

Oren threw up ALL over my lap today. Bleh. I was feeding him a mum mum. Just a tiny bit. But when he tried to swallow just a tiny little piece, he started gagging. I knew it was coming, but just not in the amount it happened lol.
He's been wanting to catnap today and then cry about. If he would just nap a decent length of time he wouldn't wake up grumpy! :\

Zoe has been driving me up the wall. Girl is throwing some toddler 'tude around and this momma is not going to put up with it. It's either attitude, ignoring, or whining... SO much damn whining holy crap.
How do you get them to stop??
She's not bad all the time by any means, but today... today has been rough lol.

We still have to buy a few things for her party. I think we're getting the balloons Saturday morning. DH is stopping off today to put in the order for the cake... and I want to make some cupcakes or something else sweet for it. We'll see.
Will definitely post photos of her party :) It's gonna be cramped in here, but meh...

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