Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's a...

Negative today. DH bought me a pack of 3 from the store and I couldn't resist but take one this morning.
Could still be too early, but I think I'm just waiting for AF to show up. We'll see though.
Going to try to wait until Thursday to test again if AF is a no show. Will have to put the tests up and out of site.
I'm actually kind of hoping I'm pregnant even though I'd be fine if I wasn't too. Just the thought of having another, even though I'm sleep deprived, sounds... right.
We'll see what happens though.

Oren is now slowly but surely army crawling and Zoe is not happy that he is coming after all of her toys lol.
She'll share when I explain it to her... a dozen times, but she is very possessive with her bazillion toys.
Just need to make sure she keeps the smaller ones out of his reach.

Learned that one of the babies out of Oren's due date group has a rare form of aggressive cancer. :(
My heart is breaking for that baby and the family. I can't even talk about it with DH b/c I keep choking up. Heartbreaking.... just so unfair.
5months old... how the hell does a 5 month old get cancer? The only things that should be wrong with a 5mo is possibly teething and a poopy diaper. Poor sweet baby girl.
She has to be in the hospital for at least 5 months getting aggressive chemo in hopes that it will help. Gawd, I hope it does.
I can't even imagine going through this and frankly I don't want to ever know what it's like.
Our group is going to come up with some money for a gift card to help them out. I'm crocheting a blanket and will make a hat too.
Whatever we can do to help out in their long battle ahead.
So anyone reading this... whatever you believe in.. however you do it... please send them prayers, good vibes, wishes, hopes. Treatment has only just begun... but I'll update whenever there is news about her.

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