Sunday, November 29, 2015

Quick post

Ok, so raise your hand if you thought I'd be able to wait until Monday to test...
*raises hand*
Well I was wrong... sigh.
Just the amount of twinges and aches I've been feeling... I thought I'd for sure see something today. And there is something, but it's the same shadow BS line that has popped up the last couple of cycles.
Here's a photo... I messed with contrast/brightness to get the 2nd line to show up better. Folks with line-o-vision such as myself would see it right away IRL. But since it's so light, there's no telling if there is color or not.
Oh well...

I'm going to try my best to not test again until Tuesday. AF should be showing up tomorrow or Tuesday.. maybe Wednesday... not entirely certain when ovulation occurred but know AF should be showing soon.
So yeah.... we'll see. I have some distractions.... like kids and my secret santa thing I need to work on so will be doing that in hopes of distracting myself until Tuesday lol.

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