Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Ok so it's not Thanksgiving just yet, but almost :P
Hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving and if you don't celebrate it, well then I just hope you have a flippin awesome Thursday!

Made 2 pies today for tomorrow. Pumpkin praline and a sour cream lemon custard. First time making the lemon one. Right after making the custard.... it wasn't very lemony even though I added more zest and more lemon juice than the recipe called for. Hoping that it sitting overnight helps to bring the flavor out more. It tastes good, but if it's lemon, I want lots of lemon.
Also making a mac and cheese for tomorrow. First time using the recipe so I'm hoping it will be good. Sounds good which is why I picked it heh.
Just so looking forward to some good food :)

Saw my mom yesterday. She's headed to Florida today to go fishing so went to see her before she left.
Learned that she got a facelift and some lipo to get rid of her double chin a couple weeks ago lol. Yeah.. I didn't even know until she brought it up :P
She does look good though. When you think of a face lift you think of that extreme pulled back face look lol. But she doesn't look like that. Just refreshed.
Hey..whatever makes her happy.
She dropped the thing about the house. I do kind of wish we could've helped her get it, but her 'friend' wanted the money too quick. If she had just waited a little longer, my mom could've gotten a mortgage for the amount she needed. Oh well... maybe there will be another opportunity in the future.

Ok TMI incoming...
I wear panty liners ALL the time... and I'm out of the ones I always use. Had to dig under my sink to find about half a dozen ones that I didn't like just so I could have something.
It's just that.... I get a lot of watery discharge and that crap is gross to feel on panties... plus even if I didn't.... my cycles are still irregular and not knowing when my period will arrive, panty liners are a life saver.
And of course my lazy butt didn't want to go to the store when I found out I was out. So I'll have to wait until Saturday to get more /cry

Speaking of period....I could be about 6dpo today. 5 or 6. Which means AF could be showing Sunday or Monday. Perfect time to test I think :D I have an unopened box of FRER calling me to pee all over them! :P lol

I love love LOVE it when babies start to talk! Oren is starting to babble a lot more and it is the cutest darn thing ever. I keep trying to get video of him doing it but  he always stops right when I start heh.

And Zoe man... Zoe is SOOOOO good with him. Of course there have been a couple of times when she underestimates her own enthusiasm and strength and bonks him or something, but nothing major. And she just loves playing with him and helping out.
We really lucked out with her and how accepting of it all she has been. I remember being so worried that she was going to be so jealous (which she can be sometimes, but subtly).... and hate her brother etc etc, but that is not the case at all.
YAY Zoe for being an awesome big sister!

Sorry, I had to brag a little about that ;) I'm just so proud of her.

We have to go hunting for some adorably cute Christmas outfits for them. I really want a Santa dress for Zoe and an elf outfit for Oren. SQUEEEEE it's gonna be so cute!!

And I think we're going with a real tree this year too. DH wants to set it up right behind the couch. That way we can actually see and enjoy it instead of right when we're about to leave. It's usually set up by the front b/c of that whole tradition of putting it by the window to show off basically lol, but we can't see it from the living room. Anywho... I'm sure Zoe and the cat will love it.
Will be a constant battle to keep her away from presents under the tree too. Will probably have to wait to put them all under until like the week that Christmas falls on :P lol

Anywho, I've blabbed long enough. I do remember that I need to post some photos I said I was going to upload a while back. Will try to get that done soon..... hopefully.

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