Friday, November 27, 2015

It was meh, but still good :)

Thanksgiving was good. The food wasn't as good as it normally is, but oh well. It was a gorgeous day and not as cold as it had been so a few of us went outside and ate at the picnic table.

While MiL and aunt were still cooking their stuff, Zoe's great grandpa was watching his FOXnews... yes.. he's a stereotypical old white guy in that respect. I swear it's all he watches and it frickin drives me up the damn wall.
Anyway, Trump was on it and UGH... I'm not political but I couldn't help but say "I don't see how anyone can support him with a straight face." B/c frickin seriously????
And then MiL and aunt chime in that they support him.
The man is a frickin TOOL. He will ruin this country b/c he has no GD idea of what he is doing. But hell, that's most of the guys that run for president so WTF do I know :\

Anyway, we reluctantly let Zoe spend the night with whoever (probably aunt). I told DH in all seriousness last night that he is going to have to talk to his aunt b/c I am sick and tired of Zoe coming home with a dozen or more flea bites all over her body. That shit is unacceptable. You can afford to go to the beach? You can afford to go out to eat? Then your ass can afford some Frontline or Advantage. Just so beyond pissed and annoyed that this shit is still happening when aunt has the money to fix the problem.

UGH Aunt annoyed the shit out of me yesterday. She had Oren and let him stand on the floor. Ok, that's fine. Well she had to get up and instead of picking him up and giving him to someone else, she put him on the floor and let him crawl. I love MiL but their house is FILTHY and Oren is still a baby that puts everything in to his mouth, including his hands that he's now putting on the disgusting floor. UGH so frickin grossed out by that nasty shit.

Anyway... other than that really, it was a good day. Oren was in hog heaven being held so much lol.

Oh here are those drawings Zoe did that I mentioned a while back.

Hehe... so cute in a slightly weird way :D

And here's another photo taken at my mom's house.
Love this picture

And another of Oren when he got ahold of an oreo Zoe didn't finish eating.
Yeah...... Not sure how much he actually got in to his mouth....

Sigh, love my munchkins.

Was a little tempted to test today but no... I'm holding out until Monday.
I was feeling some slight aches in the uterus area last night and have been getting slight aches on the right O too. The uterine aches could just be intestinal though since I did eat a lot for Thanksgiving so not really putting my thought in to that.
I just don't want to waste tests again and have to buy more. Sure it's all fun and stuff when Christmas isn't right around the corner. I'd much rather spend that money on presents than on more tests to waste, ya know? So yeah... b/c of that, I'm waiting. I have an unopened pack of 3 so should be enough :)

Think there was something else I wanted to mention, but Oren is fussing some and my mind just blanked lol. Oh well. I'll think of it later.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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