Monday, November 16, 2015

It's been a while

UGH, it's been a while since I posted last. I guess that's what happens when you have a toddler and a clingy baby lol. I'm not complaining though... well ok...yes I am a little bit :P

Baby boy is definitely in that "OMG, why are you leaving me forever!?!?!" when we get up to go to the bathroom, or to the kitchen... or anywhere out of his sight. Clingy is an understatement right now lol.
I do love it when he wants to snuggle though. When he lays his head down on my chest and just rests there. It's so dang sweet and I really cherish those moments.
Now for him to just sleep through the night already and stop waking up so darn early. Zoe woke up just before 6am this morning and pitched a damn fit about something. I'm sure that woke Oren up and uuuuuuuuugh. It was too early!!!

Zoe is doing well too. Well both of them are still sick. I think they got over that bad cold and then caught a minor little cold. Mostly just stuffy runny noses thankfully. A little bit of a cough but I think that's just drainage.
She's good though with her toddler tantruming self. She doesn't do it too often thank goodness, but when she does... YIKES.

I definitely want to put her in to a martial arts class next year. Maybe by mid summer. Will have to phone up some of these local places to see what's out there, what we need, etc etc.
 I think she'll enjoy it and it will be good for her to be around other kids and to listen to adults and their instructions.
Get her ready for some school.

Feels weird that every other mom in the mommy groups have already put their kids in to pre-k and here we are.......  Makes me feel like we're not doing enough for her, but then I think... meh... she's going to be going to kindergarten in just a couple more years anyway.
I do want to start teaching her how to write her alphabet and learn her numbers and letters a little better. She's pretty good at identifying them now, but it could be better, plus she'll have fun while I'm internally pulling my hair out out of frustration :P lol

Her drawing skills are getting better and I'm so proud of her! heh I'll post a photo of it later, but she drew a person with a body and arms and legs. That's a new one for her. She also drew a face on her balloon that has ears and glasses on it. Only reason I knew she did that was b/c she brought it in to the bathroom (where I was doing my business.... ah privacy.....)... and started telling me exactly what she was drawing.
The full figure one... it's all crinkled up and dirty, but I'm totally going to frame that sucker heh.

I'm on cycle day 27 and I'm pretty sure I'm going to ovulate within the next couple of days. I had that disgusting giant blob of cm come out of me a couple of days ago.
Wiped after peeing and noticed the tp felt super slick down there when I wiped and of course it came up with a bunch of cm on it. Wiped again and giant gross vagina booger was on the toilet paper. BLEH!
Of course my gross curiosity got the better of me and I had to feel it to see what the consistency was and it was GROSS. You know how silly putty feels after it's been left to sit out and starts to dry up. It felt like that.. slicker but that tough and strong. Just... ew. Ok it's not super gross to me, more weird and disturbing than anything. Just not prepared for that texture to come out of my body rofl.

Anyway, I've been swiping away EWCM today so I should be ovulating soonish.
We're definitely having sex. Not to make a baby, but just to do it.
We haven't done it in a while for various reasons and we're both itching for some lovin :P lol
Plus... even though my libido is still MIA most of the time... I don't like going too long between DTD again.
If we wait too long, once we finally do it.. I'm all raw and irritated down there for at least a day after.

Anyway.... this was a whole lot of TMI! lol
So yeah.... this will be an 'interesting' tww. Thankfully I have a lot of things to distract me... like crocheting my secret santa gift and playing some Fallout 4 :D

Yep... I'm totally playing it and loving it. I usually dislike first person shooters. Not b/c I don't like the playstyle, but b/c I FREAK OUT and panic when getting attacked in games. I still do in this game too. I forget which buttons do what and get all flustered. Thankfully this game isn't too difficult most of the time so my doofy ass can get it together enough to kill some mutants and whatnots ;)

But yeah... this momma is tired and ready for bed. It's 9pm and I am done for the day!

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