Sunday, November 8, 2015

Where the heck is the sun??

Not joking... we've seen the sun all of maybe 5 minutes total this entire week.
Good grief man.... come on nature... ease up a little and give us a little bit of sunshine. SHEESH.
From what I saw, it should let up by Wednesday but who knows if something is going to change :\
Just so tired of this gloomy weather. I usually don't mind a day or 2 of some rain, but this has gotten ridiculous. It has just totally sapped all of my energy and it was warmish so it was making it extremely humid and just disgusting feeling. The kind of weather that you sweat for no reason and it feels like you have a gross film all over your skin. Like you need a shower even though you just showered.

Anyway, so yeah.... just want some sunshine already. Gloomy weather always saps my energy add on top of that getting over a cold.... yeah.. I haven't exactly been a great mom this week.

But thankfully we're all slowly but surely getting over these dang colds. Man, this cold has been a bitch though and it seems to be pretty darn contagious b/c we kinda sorta gave it to everyone else. Oops.
Thankfully DH never got as sick as the 3 of us did. Hope that's the same for everyone else.
Doubt that though b/c they always get sick.

It's still so dang weird that we have 2 kids. I know I should be over that feeling by now... but I'm not.
The more Zoe starts to actually talk and make sense.. it's just weird that we made this person and boy is she starting to talk a lot more.
She still talks gibberish a lot... but she's also talking clear (to us) sentences too.
Like when I put Oren in his room really quick on the floor. He made his way out in to the hallway. She went over to him and exclaimed to him.. "Welcome to the party zone!!!" LOL just... Where the heck did she learn that??
She just makes us laugh so much with her actions and what she says (that we understand lol). Love my munchkin so much.

Oren is starting to pull up. We had to lower his mattress yesterday. He will sometimes pull up to his feet, but it's mostly just to his knees, then he can't figure out what to do next most of the time so either starts crying, or falls backward or to the side..... and starts crying :P
Gosh... can't believe he's doing this already though. They really do grow up so darn fast.

He's been SUPER needy lately though. I don't mind snuggling with him, but then he'll start squirming and will start trying to grab everything so it gets a bit frustrating. Just want him to sit content and let me snuggle with him while I watch tv :P lol

We're still trying to figure out what to get Zoe for Christmas. I want to get her so much, but also not too much b/c she really doesn't need a lot.
We're not planning on getting Oren much. I want to get a little basket ball hoop for both of them. That can be his present, but other than that.... yeah, he's not going to get anything. He'll get plenty from everyone else.
Zoe... we  still have to get her a tricycle, helmet and I want to get a basket and bell for it too.
I want to get her something else, but can't decide what. We'll def get her some of those mystery/blind bag things that are really popular right now, but that's stocking stuffers. *shrugs* we'll figure it out.
It's so fun shopping for kids on Xmas.. and even better now that Zoe is actually excited for it and knows what's going on heh.

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