Saturday, November 28, 2015

So tired

Just so tired this morning even though DH got up with Oren.
Also... kind of suspecting possible pregnancy. I've been getting definite twinges and aches in the uterus region. It's down low and twingy and achy. It always started aching whenever I laid on my back which I thought was kind of weird.
We went to Walmart this morning and I picked up 2 of those 88c tests. I know they're not sensitive at all and with how any dpo I possibly am... nothing would show up, but it still helped to ease that urge of wanting to pee on something without paying an arm and a leg for some FRERs.
We did pass a box of opened FRERs in the back of the store though.... sigh... frickin ppl man.

Just got done buying some Xmas outfits for the kids. Bought them off of Sears b/c it's the only place that had decently priced Xmas outfits that I liked.
Zoe and Oren will be elves. At first I wanted Zoe to be Santa and Oren an elf, but thought it would be cuter if they were both elves when they went to see Santa :)
Should be getting those next week (not this week coming up but the week after). Hoping they'll get here sooner.

And yeah... we came home after grocery shopping, ate, I tested (BFN) and then took a nap then did what I just posted above lol.
Lazy day.
We were supposed to go get a Christmas tree but we'll be doing that tomorrow once the fam is back from church. Will be fun picking one out and decorating :) So exciting!

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