Friday, September 4, 2015

So.... what's going on?

Either my body didn't actually ovulate, I didn't ovulate until later than I thought OR... I'm pregnant and tests just aren't showing it yet.
I highly doubt the pregnant part. I'm just not feeling it. I have continued testing... actually went and bought more tests, but there's been a lot of nothing on them.
I do not like these new FRERs. Every single one of them, I can see the faint faint test line and of course it always makes me a little hopeful even though I know what it is and that it's just a shitty test.
Come on FRERs... get your damn act together already. You used to be the #1 go to test, now you're going down shit road.

So yeah... no idea what's going on with my body right now, but can't do much about it except for waiting and seeing what happens.

If I ovulated a little late... my period better not start tomorrow. We're going apple picking in the mountains and that would royally suck if it started. Will wear a giant pad just in case though.


Zoe just keeps amazing us with the things that come out of her mouth. It wasn't that long ago when her vocab wasn't all that great, now she's putting together full sentences and just... man.. she's a little girl now. It's so crazy how fast they grow up. One minute they're still babbling, the next, they're telling you exactly what is on their little mind :)

Oren is doing great too. I think his other bottom front tooth is coming in. I can't imagine how uncomfortable that must be for him. I've given him a little bit of tylenol here and there to help.
He seems ok most of the time though.
Just wish he would sleep through the night already. Or give up one of his feedings.
Oh well... it could be worse so I can't complain too much. My body has gotten used to waking up with him.
It's probably why having another doesn't scare me so much now b/c I've gotten used to not sleeping as much as I used to lol.

Trying to fade out semi-permanent hair is annoying! My hair is an ugly mixture of pink and brassy orange with some blonde at the roots thrown in there and just ugh. It looks... stank.
I've been trying to gently remove the color by using clarifying shampoo and today tried a vit C wash. A lot of color has come out, but when we come home tomorrow and on Sunday I'm gonna be doing it all day long. DH is off on Monday and I want to bleach my hair and hopefully dye it teal/green/blue then :D We'll see what happens, but FX that it works!

And for my due date buddies baby... the one who has cancer. She is doing really well so far and is responding amazing to the treatments. Hoping that it keeps going that way and she keeps getting better and better :)

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