Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Not pregnant

Yeah, after taking the last test I posted about here... I knew I wasn't pregnant. I still tested a couple more times though :P lol
I had some really light orangy spotting on Friday night. Nothing for most of Saturday and then AF arrived Saturday night.
And lemme tell you... this AF is a BITCH!
It is not like that nice one I had last time where it only showed up when I used the bathroom. Oh hells no. I'm cramping, bleeding all over the place and ruining some undies in the process, feeling bloated, getting headaches... the works. I took for granted those nice periods with no cramping!!!

Anyway.... so yeah....
Talking to DH some more... he seems really against actually trying for a 3rd. I get that... he's happy with what we have and so am I, but sigh... I dunno... I just have the feeling of wanting just one more. Just one more.

If it doesn't happen, ok... if it does... yay :)

SiL is having a girl!!! YAY! I knew it :D
I kept saying that the heartbeat indicated girl lol. Everyone kept saying boy though. So happy for her. I think as soon as they found out they started shopping lol. Can't blame them at all. Baby stuff is too cute to resist... especially baby girl stuff :)

Going to start working on a blanket for her soon. Need to finish the one I'm working on. Stop procrastinating and just finish it already.

Think there was something else I wanted to mention but I can't remember... so here are a few photos

My blue, green, teal hair

And a few photos from our apple picking trip.

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